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ISUPK vs Ali Muhammad [Weigh In]
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Ali Muhammad says that, "Hebrews Israelites Have Never Had An Empire". That argument could be destroyed by becoming learned of the Za Dynasty(Israelite empire founded by Za'el Yemeni that conquored what we now know as West Africa), and the Somonic Empire(Founded by Menelik I, The son of King Solomon born to Makeda Bilis, That ruled what we know know as Ethiopia for just about 3,000 years). __ __ Around 300AD the Kingdom of Ghana was conquored by a dynasty of Israelite Kings known as the Za Dynasty, The founder of this dynasty was a man named Za'el Yemeni(Descendant of Jews that fled into Yemen). According to Eldad the Danite, Ghana was a Hebrew Nation that followed the Laws of Moses(Not the Talmud). This area today is known as Mali and it's people trace their thier lineage back to the 10 Northern Tribes of Israel exiled in 722BC by the Assyrians. Mali became "The Empire of Songhay"(Songhai was also a Hebrew Kingdom) when Sonni Ali conquored the area, Ali was the last Israelite of the Za Dynasty. The empire lasted 1200 years until 1492AD. ______________________________________________________ Ali Muhammad says that, "The Septuagint Was The 1st Manifestation of Israelite Scripture". That argument could be destroyed simply by researching the origins of the Septuagint, Which was the the earliest Greek translation of the organic Hebrew laws/histroy, Through the The "Letter of Aristeas". __ __ The physical translation of the organic Hebrew scriptures was sanctioned by the Ptolemy's -- the Greek family that Alexander the Great set up to rule Egypt for him -- specifically Philadelphus II. Philadelphus II had the keen desire to augment his library in Alexandria Egypt, so he commissioned a translation of the organic Hebrew scriptures(laws/history) into Greek. In the quest of commissioning a translation he wrote to the chief priest Eleazar in Jerusalem, and arranged for six translators from each of the twelve tribes of Israel to come to Egypt for that very purpose. The seventy-two translators arrived in Egypt to the Ptolemy's gracious hospitality, and translated the Pentateuch: the first five books of the Hebrew Scriptures, written by Moses, in seventy-two days ______________________________________________________ ISUPK systems are corrupt and could never stand up this slander by a fool such as Ali Muhammad. I have Ali Muhammad winning in a 3 - 0 bodybag. Ali Muhammad ISUPK Sutek Islam Israelite Muslim Moor Egypt Debate Baby Face
Added on Jun 3, 2014 by Pharaoh Shabaka
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