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DOWNLOAD THE SONG 'EGYPT WAS A BLACK LAND: THE SONG' HERE: FROM THE THE NILE VALLEY MOVEMENT ('NVM') MULTI-MEDIA PROJECT: REMARKABLE MULTIMEDIA PROJECT/ PACKAGE. THIS DVD/CD COMBINATION PACKAGE COMES WITH: 1) A GROUNDBREAKING CD WITH 5 INCREDIBLE TRACKS FEAT THE SONGS: 'LOOKING OVER', 'MAY OUR LOVE SHINE' (THE BALLAD OF OSIRIS AND ISIS), 'GOD RA', 'HOTEP' AND THE 'ANTHEMATIC' SIGNATURE SONG 'EGYPT WAS A BLACK LAND' 2) A DVD FEATURING: a) ALL 5 OF THE GROUNDBREAKING MUSIC VIDEOS ACCOMPANYING EACH OF THE SONGS ON THE CD b) A LIVE TELEVISION PERFORMANCE OF 'EGYPT WAS A BLACK A LAND':THE SONG', (FEAT. HERE ON THIS PAGE) PERFORMED BY SHAKKA AHMOSE AS SEEN ON THE GROUND BREAKING NYC TELEVISION SHOW 'KEMETIC LEGACY TODAY'... HOSTED BY ANIKA NFR-KA MA'AT DANIELS-OSAZE & JABARI-OSAZE C) THE GROUND BREAKING DOCUMENTARY 'ANCIENT EGYPT WAS BLACK:LET THE ANCESTORS SPEAK' VOL.I ALL OF THIS FOR JUST... $19.99 *AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT: *SAFE, TIMELY DELIVERY OF THIS PRODUCT (THE 'NVM' MULTI- MEDIA PROJECT)... IS *GURANTEED! *(ALLOW FOR 3-4 DAY DELIVERY). In advance, Th-ankh U, for purchasing THE NILE VALLEY MOVEMENT ('NVM') MULTI-MEDIA PROJECT. I am 100% sure that the fulfillment that will be yours by making this purchase will make it well worth it. Hotep. *GET WITH SHAKKA AHMOSE ON FACEBOOK AT:!/pages/Shakka-Ahmose/189402961092714?sk=wall SPREAD THE WORD. HOTEP. *If you would like to license the rights to this song or this video please contact Horus Set at: FOREVERSHAKKA@GMAIL.COM 'Egypt Was a Black Land: The Song': A 'Maat-Hotep Records/Globe Trakkers' Production See more below: Groundbreaking television show 'KEMETIC LEGACY TODAY' (hosted by Anika Nfr-Ka Ma'at Daniels-Osaze and her Ntr Hm Jabari 'DjedenMaat Aten-Ra' Osaze) features in this very special airing a performance by, and 'after performance' interview with... Maat Hotep Records representative SHAKKA AHMOSE (of the NILE VALLEY MOVEMENT). KEMETIC LEGACY TODAY Proudly Presents the official FIRST LIVE PERFORMANCE of the new timeless classic that has the global Black Community on Fire; the song appropriately entitled......'EGYPT WAS A BLACK LAND'. Watch, Listen & Be Stirred as SHAKKA AHMOSE (accompanied by well known artist Jah Stix Dahdson) succinctly reminds us in his own special way of our very special Truth. A Truth many have sought, and still seek to deny us as a people.....that Ancient Egypt was indeed.....A BLACK CIVILIZATION. This is a very special offering from: The Center For The Restoration of Ma'at Anika 'Nfr-Ka Ma'at' Daniels-Osaze Jabari 'DjedenMaat Aten-Ra' Osaze Zakkee Z. Starman Kemetic Legacy Today airs every Saturday at 12:00 PM EST on Manhattan Neighborhood Network channel 34 (Time Warner), 82 (RCN), and 33 (FIOS). The hour-long show is also streamed live from VISIT THE WEBSITE AT: SEE THE GROUNDBREAKING MUSIC VIDEO 'EGYPT WAS A BLACK LAND': THE SONG' HERE ON YOUTUBE AT: AND DON'T FORGET TO SHARE THE VIDEO AND THIS LIVE AIRING WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW.
Added on Jun 3, 2014 by Pharaoh Shabaka
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