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SARA SUTEN SETI v.s BROTHER POLIGHT: This how it 1st went down a year ago.
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This is where the beef 1st started between SARA SUTEN SETI AND BROTHER POLIGHT About the 37 minute mark is when SETI AND POLIGHT started to beef. Who made the subliminal attack? Who feel like their accomplishment is greater than the other? Who acting jealous? Who acting like they have a grudge? Who you side with? The Gathering of the Young Masters ft Seti, Polight & Umar by KNOW THE LEDGE RADIO On December 9, 2011 Edited by Craige X You check out the full 3 hr show @ SARA SUTEN SETI v.s BROTHER POLIGHT IS THE WHITE MAN THE DEVIL OR IS BLACK PEOPLE OUR OWN WORST ENEMY? POLIGHT VS. SETI Debate ON DEMEMBER 9th Sara Seti Dawah Yisrael Devilologist Black Atheist Of Atlanta Natural Tahuti AmenRa Squad Ankhkakek Ankh Blackson Bau Louis FarrakhanBeyPhil Valentine Steve Cokely Khalid Muhammad Ashra Kwesi Malcolm X House of Konsciousness Awards Sa Neter Brother Sutek Street Consciousness1 Professor Larry Dr. Umar Johnson Marcus Garvey Professor Griff AA rashid, Minister enqui Brother Polight Black Dot King Noble Amos Wilson Context of White supremacy Irritated Genie War on the horizon Black Panther Rbg Afrika Khalid Muhammad Afro Qween MadVooDooMan tariq BIG B KEL angelsnupnup uhuru AFROSTYLYYYSlave sermon NuEdutainment Mind of Cadence AfriSynergy Dr. Lemar MadBlackMan360 BLACKNEWS102 submergedNblackness offthahook08 fearless2005
Added on Jun 3, 2014 by Pharaoh Shabaka
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